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As a Company

Forming strong relationships with local and national charities is an important way of raising both awareness and funds for the sector.  Enrych enjoys support from businesses local to our regional branches and would love to hear from you if you want to get involved in this, or in supporting our work on a national level.

There are various ways in which charities and companies can work together which bring benefits for all involved. Enrych will support your organisation to develop a fundraising package to suit your needs and will appoint a fundraiser to manage the partnership. This will include maximising media opportunities and handling as little or as much of your administration in relation to fundraising, which will free up your business.

Charity of the Year

This is a traditional way in which companies have dedicated their charitable activities to benefit a specific charity in any given year.  Many companies rely on staff nominations when choosing their charity partner.  If there is a similar scheme where you work and you would like to see your employer support Enrych, please nominate us as your dedicated charity partner for the coming year.

As a national charity with a regional profile, Enrych is looking to grow its work into more areas of the UK, to reach more people with a physical disability. By making us your Charity of the Year, your employees will be actively contributing to:
  • a community that values diversity and difference
  • the development of projects that work directly with people
  • the growth of a charity that aspires to fill a much needed gap in people’s lives

Staff Fundraising

Many smaller organisations do not have Charity of the Year schemes but still run staff fundraising initiatives throughout the year for the benefit of local charities. Fundraising for charity is a great way to build team skills and it positions your company as a socially responsible and forward-thinking place to work. Enrych has a lot of great ideas for one-off or a succession of events, ranging from holding a dress-down day to trekking the globe or even a parachute jump!

We can also provide resources to make fundraising fun and easy. Please contact our  or call 01926 485446 to find out more.

Corporate donations and sponsorship

Donations and sponsorship are an opportunity to promote your brand whilst supporting our activities.  When you make a gift to Enrych, your business will get tax relief.We organise a variety of events throughout the year, so whether your company has a sponsorship budget of £500 or £100,000 we have an event to suit you.  Whatever you choose, we will use it as an opportunity to raise both your profile and ours! To keep up to date with our events calendar, visit our News and Events pages or subscribe to our newsletter.

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is an easy and tax effective way for you and your colleagues to give regularly to charity. Donations are taken before tax, meaning that for every £1 donated it will only cost 80p (60p for higher rate tax payers) – the taxman pays the rest! UK charities raise over £100 million yearly through payroll giving and over 10,000 UK employers have committed to payroll giving.

Payroll Giving (Give as You Earn) will allow your employees to make regular donations to Enrych directly from their salary and before tax. By making consistently regular payments, Enrych can make much needed plans for the future which will allow us to reach more people with a physical disability in the UK.

For businesses, it:

  • improves your social responsibility profile
  • enhances community involvement
  • improves staff recruitment and retention

Setting up a payroll giving scheme in your organisation is straightforward and free of charge. You simply need to sign up with an approved Payroll Giving Agency who will process your employees’ donations and distribute the money to Enrych. Contact us on 01926 485446 for more information.