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Enrych Bucks has a 20-year track record of enabling adults with a physical disability to enjoy leisure and learning opportunities through partnership with a volunteer.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to make a difference in the life of a person with physical disabilities? Here is a selection of current volunteer opportunities. Scroll through and click to find out more.

Are you the active and outdoorsy type? Could you buddy George in Aylesbury?

George is a fit, active young man who lives in Aylesbury. He is keen on all kinds of sport and ...

Are you into rifle shooting? Could you accompany Phillip on the range?

Phillip is a friendly an outgoing man who enjoys a range of activities. Phillip was very fit and active before ...

Do you like cinema trips, visiting the pub, going for lunch and/or watching sport? Could you buddy Phillip?

Phillip is friendly and outgoing and would like to get out more. Phillip enjoys a range of activities and would ...

Are you into antiques, collecting records, books or cigarette cards? Or maybe you enjoy gardening?

Bill is a friendly and outgoing chap who lives in North Marston. He is socially isolated due to his head ...
North Marston

Going to the gym with Catherine

Catherine is isolated due to disability and would like to get back into visiting the gym. Having a volunteer to ...
December 2016

Mastering Microsoft Office with Sarah

Sarah lives in Aylesbury and is isolated due to disability. She is a competent user of the internet but would ...

Table Tennis with Derek

Derek has Spina Bifida and uses a wheelchair. Derek really enjoys table tennis and is looking for a volunteer to ...

Do you enjoy craft activities - knitting, sewing, embroidery? Maybe you're into puzzle books? Could you buddy Karen?

Karen lives with her husband, Graham, in Aylesbury. Karen enjoys a range of craft activities such as knitting, sewing and embroidery. ...

Outings and coffee in Aylesbury with Angie

Angie lives in Aylesbury and is isolated due to poor mobility. She needs to be pushed in a wheelchair to ...

Do you love stargazing and discussing astrology?

Tony lives in Aylesbury and is isolated due to disability. He would love a volunteer to spend some time with ...

Do you enjoy going to live music gigs? Could you accompany our member to music gigs in the Wing/Leighton Buzzard/Milton Keynes area?

Our member is a young lady who lives an active and outgoing life. She enjoys attending live music concerts, as well ...
Soulbury/Leighton Buzzard/Wing/MK

Outings with Clifford

Clifford is looking for a volunteer who enjoys trips out and visits to garden centres so that he can get ...

Swimming with Nicola

Nicola was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago and has chronic pain. She would like to visit the swimming ...

Walks with Frank

Frank has reduced mobility and uses a walker to get around. He would love to get out and about for ...

Do you love socialising, gardening, getting out and about or dog walking?

Robin lives in Aylesbury and would love to get out more. He has reduced mobility is looking for a volunteer ...

Bowling, quizzes, walks, coffee trips, cinema, theatre - do you love any or all of these things? Could you keep up with Andrew?

Andrew is a really outgoing, friendly young gentleman who loves getting out and about and is always enthusiastic about spending ...

Walks and outings in Waddesdon with Dennis

Dennis is a lovely, friendly gentleman who lives in Waddesdon and is looking to get out of the house more. ...

Short walks in Aylesbury

We have a friendly gentleman in Aylesbury who is looking for someone to go on short walks with him from ...

Do you enjoy a good look around the High Street, going for coffee or maybe to the cinema?

Caroline lives in Aylesbury and enjoys getting out and about visiting different towns and High Streets, looking in shops, going ...

Gardening with our member in Wingrave

Our member lives in Wingrave and is a lively, capable lady who enjoys gardening. She had a stroke this year ...

Woodland walks with Susan in Amersham

Susan loves to take daily woodland walks with her friendly dog and would love support from a volunteer to accompany ...

Chat and a walk in Desborough High Wycombe

Do you live near Desborough in High Wycombe and have time to spend with a lovely man who would love ...

Are you an Iver Heath resident who has time for Beryl?

Beryl would love some company to get out and about with in Iver Heath. She loves visiting garden centres, loves ...

Anyone for tennis in Gerrards Cross?

Are you interested in Tennis, the Gym, playing Bridge, conversational French and Italian? If some of these activities sound good ...
Gerrards Cross

Gym visits with Ted

Ted had a stroke 18 months ago and has recovered a lot of mobility. He used to really enjoy going ...
Halton, Aylesbury

Baking, crafts, coffee, tablet surfing, Monopoly and/or walks in Aylesbury!

We have a lady in Aylesbury who enjoys baking and doing crafts at home. She would also like to get ...

Outings with Deborah in Aylesbury

Deborah would like to get out of the house a bit more but has restricted mobility and uses a walker ...

Walks and outings with Richard in Aylesbury

Richard is restricted due to poor mobility and he needs to use a nebuliser at all times. He would love ...

Music and outings with Luke

Luke is a young man who would love to get out and about a bit more enjoying more social activities. ...

Walks with Gwen

Gwen has Guillain-Barré syndrome and this affects her mobility and limits her ability to leave the house. She would love to ...

Getting out and about with Amanda

Amanda has a number of long-term health conditions which affect her ability to get out and about. She would love ...

Drawing and art talk with Peter

Do you enjoy drawing and chatting about Art? Peter is recovering from a brain injury and learning to draw again ...

Do you have time to spend going for coffee and chats with Louise in Buckingham? Or maybe you would enjoy cooking with Louise at her home?

Louise lives in Buckingham and is socially isolated due to her disability, which makes it difficult to get out and ...

Walks with Lyn

Do you enjoy being out in the fresh air? Lyn would love to get out more but is finding if ...
9th May 2016

Sporty in High Wycombe

There is a lovely lady, recovering from a stroke, who has lost confidence in her abilities. She would love company ...
High Wycombe
9th May 2016

Knit and natter with Irene

Irene is a lovely, friendly lady who would love someone to accompany her to knit & natter in Haddenham. Irene ...
9th May 2016

Out and about with Jackie

Jackie is a lovely lady who is coming to terms with her health problems. Jackie has loss of vision due ...
6th May 2016

Badminton with Raju

Raju is a lovely, easy going man who is looking for a badminton partner. Raju also loves football, going for ...
High Wcyombe
6th May 2016

Classical music with Colin

Do you live in High Wycombe and love classical music? Colin is a lovely man who loves classical music, Jazz ...
High Wcyombe
6th May 2016

Fancy a game of bridge?

Francis is ready for you... he is an easy going very sociable chap that would enjoy a good game and ...
6th May 2016